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20 March 2011 @ 12:34 pm
Seohyun and the Three Idols  
Pairing: Yongwha/Seohyun
Genre: Romance
Summary: Seohyun reminisces on her thoughts of three young males

this was a request and honestly i didnt know what to even write ;; .... I TRIED MY BEST.

His hands were soft. Delicate to the touch. Silky skin played its part even when it came to the males hands. She felt immediate bliss in his grip. Happiness. He gave her hand a squeeze in reassurance, charming eyes sparkling in her direction. Her hand remained there, fingers not sure if they should stand still or respond to his warm action. His palms weren't even sweaty, just soft. That's the only word that came into mind. Soft. He led her off the stage, leading the way as she followed close behind. It felt like a big brother had been holding onto his dear sister for life, making sure she never bothered to slip out of his view. Their grip on each others hands finally gave off, as Kyuhyun leaned forward, placing his hand on the midsection of her back, patting it softly as he leaned in with a sweet yet simple hug.

"Chukhahaeyo" his words came out in a sweet melodious tone, as he proceeded with another pat to her shoulder.

She thought back to the day. Kyuhyun; with hands as soft as ever. Kyuhyun; with hugs that instantly brightened any mood. Brotherly Kyuhyun. Her love for the older male was immense in amount. Netizens always seemed to mention the pair, which instantly led her to dwell into the idea in the past. But something just wasn't right.


His hands were strong. Harsh to the touch. Years of playing the guitar made it evident in the males hands as he grabbed a hold of her own, firm ones leading her to the mini guitar before her. Bold over worked fingers shifted her hand to the correct cords. His fingers had been calloused to the touch, which was a rather manly trait. A sense of security suddenly overcame her. The day went on, his wide grin complimenting her with every correct note she played. As she finally placed the guitar down, Jung Mo nodded in delight with his teachings.


He leaned over, arm halfway wrapping over her shoulders in a safe hug. It was snug, yet spacious enough for her to feel comfortable.

She thought back to the day. Jung Mo; with strong, hard working hands. Jung Mo; with hugs that instantly assured her she was safe. Her love for the older male was just as immense in amount. The wedding dress photos. The constant talking she did about him, stirred up some whispers about the two. But something still wasn't right.


His hands. Soft. Strong. A silky softness mixed with a rugged roughness. A perfect blend of the two. His grip was tight, yet not bruising; gentle, yet not cautious. She walked by his side, fingers entwining as the softness became more evident. Her once cold hand had now been completely warm due to his touch. She was amazed at how perfectly his hand fit around hers, Almost as if a potter molded his hand to the perfect fit. Yong Hwa looked down at her, shooting her his trademark boyish grin which was soon followed by his usual teasing voice.


She stopped midway in her track, as their hands parted from one another. Her eyes shot up at him, questioning him with a quizzical stare.

"For what?"

He came forward, wrapping arms securely around her waist, holding her close in an instant. He held her tightly against his chest, face practically buried into brunette curls. He inhaled her scent there as arms only seemed to tighten at her slim curves.

"For stealing my heart."

Young Hwa. Soft. Strong. Delicate. Rough. Young Hwa, the only man who could make her heart skip a beat just as it did in that moment. Her love for the male was immense, as no other could even come close to compare. His snark remarks. His loving glances. His over jealousy. His love for her. Her love for him.

She took a deep breath, arms responding to the hug.


This was just right.